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Frequently Asked Questions:
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We want to do whatever we can to make your stay at Ridgeview Retreat relaxing & wonderful. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact Ridgeview Retreat by email at: (717)756-7467.

What is Ridgeview Retreat? 
Ridgeview Retreat is a rental house designed for scrapbooking, quilting & other crafting enthusiasts. It is a place where hobbiest can escape and make Ridgeview Retreat their Home Away from Home to do exactly what they love to do…create & enjoy in the company of friends with NO CLOCKS, NO INTERRUPTIONS, peace & quiet!

What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is ANYTIME on Friday and check-out is by 4 PM on Sunday. Additional nights are available at a discounted rate of $25.00 per person (two person min.) Please contact us if interested. 

Do you allow guests other than scrapbookers? 
Of course! Ridgeview Retreat was designed with scrapbookers and paper crafters in mind. Quilters, sewing groups, knitters & crocheters will benefit as well. However, we welcome our non-crafting friends to gather too. The house provides a great place for extended family or friends, weekends away, etc.  

What are the sleeping accommodations? 
There are 3 bedrooms with 8 beds. Each room is equipped with twin beds so no one shares a bed. One room has 2 twin beds with adjoining half bath; one room has two twin beds and the third bedroom has 4 twin beds. A common bathroom is located in the hallway.

Do I need to bring bedding/linens? 
Each bed is made up with fresh, clean sheets and comforter, a throw and two pillows. Additionally each guest receives a set of soft bathroom towels for their use during their visit.

What are dining options for the weekend? 
While we currently don’t offer hosted weekends at this time. The house is complete with everything you need to cook on-site with easy cleanup. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a microwave, and cooking essentials. There are many options for dining out or catering in and a variety of take-out menus are available at the house for local restaurants close by. We'll even run & get an outside meal for you if you check in with the House Manager to allow you time to continue working with minimal interruption.

Do you allow smoking or pets? 
Ridgeview Retreat is a non-smoking and pet-free facility. Smoking is permitted outside. We do not allow pets on the property for the benefit of the house and your fellow guests.  

What if we don’t have a group of eight? 
Your group can be any size that you desire. Simply divide the rental cost between each of your friends to get the cost per person. Once you book a weekend, you are responsible for the full amount regardless of how many you have coming.  For those staying an extra night, simply add the additional night to their cost.

Do you have internet access or phone? 
Yes! We do have Wi-Fi! Since almost everyone carries a cell phone these days, we do not have a land line at the house. 

What if it snows?
If roads are closed due to blizzard conditions, arrangements can be made. We want our guests to be safe and we want you to come back! 

Do you only rent to certain groups? 
No. Ridgeview Retreat caters to groups of all different types. While the house was designed for crafters in mind, we welcome groups of all types who would find comfort in the facility. In addition to crafting & scrapbooking, the Ridgeview Retreat House makes a great location for private stamping groups & workshops, crafts of all types, book talks, small private group studies (youth leader retreats, Bible studies, etc.), hobby or special interest groups, jewelry & beading, etc. 

Ridgeview Retreat is also available for mid-week rentals for those who need extra room for out of town house guests or for individuals who simply want some quiet space for some uninterrupted time away to relax & enjoy some peace & quiet. 

How do I make a reservation? 
Confirm that the date that you want is available by checking the calendar page. Call or email us at with your requested dates. Once you verbally commit, we will hold your date for 7 days for receipt of your deposit. YOUR RESERVATION IS NOT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED UNTIL YOUR DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED.

What does Reservation (Pending) mean on the Reservation Calendar?
A pending reservation means a weekend has been reserved and the house manager is awaiting the deposit payment. Ridgeview Retreat cannot guarantee holding your reservation until a payment is made. 

Do I need to sign a contract to stay at Ridgeview Retreat?
Yes. All guests who reserve a weekend retreat are required to submit a completed signed contract to the Ridgeview Retreat prior to their arrival. The contract also outlines the rules & regulations for use. This signed contract must be received and signed by every guest. All contracts & paperwork are due 30 days prior to arrival. 

What if the date I want to reserve is unavailable?
We encourage you to sign-up for the waiting list for that date. If this date should be become available, we will contact you by email or phone. 

What is the maximum number of guests that the retreat house can accommodate?
There is a total of 7 beds in the retreat house and 8 tables in the crop room. Therefore, we can accommodate 7 guests for a retreat weekend. 

What time are check-in and check-out?
For weekend rentals, you may arrive any time on Friday. You have almost a full day on Sunday to create until 4:00 p.m. For an additional fee, guests can extend their stay for $25.00 per person.

Why is the address to the Ridgeview Retreat not listed on the web site?
To respect the privacy of the guests currently enjoying their retreat, we do not publish the actual address of the Retreat house and ask that you do not visit the house without first contacting us for an appointment to view it. We would be happy to give you a tour of the house if you would like to see it before your retreat date. Please contact us with your request for a tour so that we can make an appointment with you to show you the retreat house without interruption to our other guests. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be sent the address and directions to Ridgeview Retreat approximately one week prior to your check-in. 

What should I bring?
Leave your watch and worries at home! Just bring your clothes, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, and soap) and crafting supplies. All bedding and towels are provided. Since members of your group may have different temperature preferences, you may want to bring a light sweater or sweatshirt. 

The House is supplied with dinnerware as well as silverware. You may want to bring extra ice, and any paper/plastic dinnerware & flatware. The Retreat house has a coffee maker, iced-tea pot with a complementary coffee/tea bar for our guests. A modest supply of other paper products (bath tissues, facial tissues, and paper towels) are also provided.

Do you have hosted retreat weekends?
No, your reservation at the Ridgeview Retreat is for a self-serve group retreat weekend. This means that the Ridgeview Retreat does not provide meals for guests. Each guest is responsible for providing their own meals. Ridgeview Retreat does however, come with a fully equipped kitchen with appliances, cookware, dinnerware, and silverware available for use. Guests may store their food inside the spacious cupboards and refrigerator and can prepare their meals in the kitchen around their schedule.

Alternatively, there are several restaurants & catering services in the area who can provide meals for guests.Information about the delivery service can be obtained when guests reserve their weekend. Please remember to ask about it if you are interested. 

Is the Ridgeview Retreat available for weekday rental?
YES! Ridgeview Retreat is currently available small groups of any size for your event. Contact the House Manager for more information. 

May I come to crop/craft for only a day?
ABSOLUTELY! We would like to offer a pleasant retreat experience for our guests whatever their schedules will permit. 

Will there be any scrapbooking supplies available for purchase at the Ridgeview Retreat in case we run out of anything like adhesive or paper?
Guests must bring their own supplies. For our paper crafting guests, Times to Remember Scrapbook store, Stampin Up, Close to My Heart & other crafting consultants are available within a short drive as well to service your supply needs. Local craft stores are also available within a half-hour drive.

What tools are available to use? 
Ridgeview Retreat has a large variety of scrapbooking tools to assist you in the creation of your scrapbook pages. Click here to see the most up to date list of tools & supplies available in the house. 

Is Internet access available?
Yes. The Ridgeview Retreat offers free WiFi Internet service. 

What are the sleeping accommodations, and do we need to bring any linens?
Ridgeview Retreat provides individual beds for each guest in three bedrooms. There are currently eight beds furnished with linens and blankets. It is not necessary to bring linens and pillows unless you prefer to bring your own for your comfort.

Is there a bedroom on the first floor of the retreat house?
All the bedrooms of the house are located on the first floor. 

Can we stay up and crop as late as we want?
Yes, you certainly can! You are welcome to stay up as late as you want, and you have access to the crop room and all the tools for 24 hours during your days. The crop room is equipped with providing nearly 1000W equivalent daylight overhead lighting for detail work. So even if you stay up late at night to crop, you'll have plenty of lighting with which to work. 

Can we request or reserve a specific room prior to our arrival?
For group reservations, we do not assign rooms and leave it up to the group coordinator(s) for that weekend. 

How much space is there for each person to work?
Each person has their own five foot table. This area should provide ample space for each guest to have their own tools and supplies available within easy reach while cropping.

What do we do in case of an emergency?
Ridgeview Retreat has an information book located in the kitchen which includes phone numbers for local emergency service such as the police, fire department, and local urgent care center. It also includes contact information for the House Manager. 

Is the Ridgeview Retreat just for scrapbookers?
Ridgeview Retreat was created with scrapbookers, crafters & quilters in mind. However, the beautiful and spacious facility and quiet community make it a great place for other artistic or crafting groups. We welcome all kinds of crafters - beaders, card makers, stampers, quilters, patchworkers, etc. The tools provided are suited to paper crafters but there are large tables to accommodate all kinds of craft work.

Are there scheduled events to abide by? 
No. Flexibility is our middle name. Eat when you want. Scrap all night long, and sleep the day away if you would like.

Can I come by myself, or do I have to be with a group? 
You are definitely welcome either way!

Can I crop for just the day? 
Absolutely. Day Croppers are welcome, but is based on availability. Reservations are required.

Do I have to share a bedroom? 
Well, there are multiple beds in each room, check out our accommodations page for a look. So to answer your question ... yes, but each guest has her own bed, and if you decide to stay up all night scrapbooking, then you can sleep all day instead, and then you could have the room to yourself :) 

I am from out of state and need to fly to Ridgeview Retreat. How do I get there and do you provide transportation? 
Due to insurance regulations, we cannot provide transportation. However, we can definitely provide travel help and directions to make your experience more enjoyable.

What is the largest size group you can take? 
We currently have beds for 7. There are eight 5-foot tables that fit comfortably in the cropping area. 

What are the Check-in and Check-out times? 
The check in time is 11 AM on Friday. The check-out time is Sunday at 4:00pm. Early & late check-ins available.

Why can't I find your address listed anywhere on the website? 
It's no secret, really. We do this to give our guests privacy. We specifically do not put our physical address out there, because we don't want people just dropping in to check it out when we have guests. We can tell you it is just off Rt. 283 in Middletown, PA in just a short drive to Chocolatetown, USA (Hershey, PA), Lancaster County Amish, Harrisburg International Airport & the PA Turnpike. If you would be interested in coming by to see the house, we would love to show it to you. Just send us an email or give us a call to set up an appointment. Also, we promise you will be given the address and full directions about a week before you check in.

Do we have to clean before we leave?
The House Manager arranges for the home to be thoroughly cleaned after everyone checks out. However, we do ask that you load the dishwasher, empty the refrigerator, gather all the garbage and deposit it into the large garbage bin outside. Linens are to be placed in the pillowcases and left on the floor at the end of the bed for our cleaning staff. Used towels should be placed in the bathtub before check out. 

What are your retreat policies?
Click here for Ridgeview Retreat’s current policies.

Anything else?
We want to do whatever we can to make your time at the Ridgeview Retreat a wonderful, productive and memorable experience. If there's anything we can do to help, just ask!  Call us at (717) 756-7467 or email us at if you have any additional questions.